How do I set the time and date on the 808 Car Keys Micro Camera?

Many 808 Car Key camera owners find themselves having a difficult time when attempting to set the proper time and date on their cameras.  The process however is very simple if you follow the directions below.

1.)    First you want to create a text file or “txt”. To do this we first need to open up “Note Pad” on your computer.  To find the note pad go the bottom part of your computer screen and press the windows start button.  In the search box type in “note”.  When you see Note Pad on the menu click on it.

2.)    Inside the Note Pad you have created enter in the following:




Please note that the date represents year/month/day.  The time is represented as military time (hour:minute:seconds).  Also there are no vertical spaces in between the [date], 2012/02/24 and 14:30:00.

3.)    Make sure you save the file as TAG.txt to your desktop.

4.)    Connect your 808 camera to your computer using the provided USB cord.  The red light on your camera should be on.  Be sure to have your micro SD or TF card inserted into the camera.

5.)    A file should open when you connect your camera to your computer.  Open the file to where you see a folder that says DCIM.  Place the TAG.txt page next to the DCIM folder (not in it).

6.)    Disconnect your camera from the USB cord.

7.)    Take 5 to 10 seconds of video and then turn off the camera

8.)    Plug in the camera and open the DCIM folder.  Then open the 100MEDIA folder.

9.)    Your video clip should be in the 100MEDIA folder. When you click on the movie clip your computer should open up the video using Windows Media Player or something equivalent.  The date and time should be set correctly at that point.


It should be noted that I have heard of instances where the camera’s date and time would not set.  These cameras are built overseas and one can assume there is no real quality control on these cameras.  The defects on these cameras are far and few between.  It is suggested you purchase more than one 808 Car Keys camera just in case you need a backup.


Should you have any trouble, be sure to watch the video on the YouTube Channel.  You can always comment on this post and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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